Monday, March 2, 2009

Placemat Totes

Also made these last spring. Inexpensive, especially when you find placemats on clearance (or use one you already have!). Great for mommies who need a small handbag but not the mega-diaper bag; great for kids for scripture totes, "treasure" bags, etc....lots of uses! We also made awesome little tri-fold scripture pockets--but I didn't make one and don't have a pic. If someone has a pic of theirs, email me and I'll put it up!

I don't really sew very well, but here are some basic instructions. If these confuse you, just Google "placemat totes" and you'll get some great instructions from others who are better at this project than I am! :)

Go get a placemat and some ribbon, and you're halfway there. (The wider ribbon makes for more comfy handles, I think.) If you're going to sew any handles that show in the front (as opposed to just sewing the ribbon on the inside, which is the way my BACK handles are on the brown and pink ones), sew those on first. Sew on any decorative ribbon next. Turn placemat inside out and sew up sides. Turn right-side out and, voila! Done...unless you want the extra seams on the bottom (like the one with the multi-colored ribbon). Basically you have to just pinch the corners (while still inside out) and sew one straight seam (perpendicular to the ones you did to close the sides--you will cross those seams).

The multi-colored ribbon handles are just one, continuous ribbon--start at one end, stitch across placemat (lengthwise), form handle, stitch across again, form other handle...


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Tobias Family said...

that is so great you have done this because we haven't been able to go to any because of crazy schedules! thanks