Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun Easter Lesson

Here is a lesson (great for Family Home Evening) about the last events in the Savior's life, leading up to the Resurrection. Label twelve plastic eggs with #1-12 (mine are labeled with masking tape--you could use small labels, or just write on the eggs themselves...whatever!). Each egg contains a scripture and an object. We look up the scripture, read it, and discuss what the object has to do with the scripture. The kids really like finding out what is in each egg, and it is a fun, interactive way to review what happened in the life of our Savior before He died and was resurrected. The last egg, of course, is empty like the tomb (except for the scripture), and I use a bigger egg just to make it a little extra special.

If you use all small eggs, these can be stored nicely in an egg carton. Mine just stay in a plastic bag all year! :)

Below is the info on the scriptures and the objects you'd need to make your own set. For a .pdf file of this info, click HERE; for a Word file, click HERE.


Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for posting this Easter stuff so early! You are AWESOME!!! I'm going to be ready for Easter this year--great because we're going out of town for a few days right before! Jen, you rock! :) Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Wilsons said...

My pleasure! :) So glad it's useful to someone!!