Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Teach the Children" - Symbols of Christmas

Another Christmas project...

Many of you have heard the story where Santa comes to visit shortly before Christmas and admonishes the storyteller to "teach the children" the true meaning of Christmas. He explains the symbols of the season and whence they come. So a year ago, Christmastime, we made these little bags to go along with the story. We sewed simple drawstring bags and filled them with items that illustrate the story.

For your own kit, you would need the following:
-a bag for everything
-a star
-a red ornament
-a mini tree
-a bell
-a candle (bday cake candles work well)
-small gift with a bow
-candy cane
-the story! You can download the text HERE.

I loved having a kit like this when I was a kid. There's wonderment in pulling all of the miniature ornaments from Santa's little bag, and learning about what each one means! It's a fun thing to share with family during the Christmas season.


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