Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gracious George, the Gingerbread Man

In December this past year, we made a cute little family service helper named Gracious George the Gingerbread Man. He's made from felt, stuffed with split peas, and decorated with dimensional fabric paint (puff paint). His story follows the traditional "gingerbread man" story, but before he runs away from people, he helps them with something first. (He might wash the old man and woman's dishes, weed a farmer's garden, help a boy tie his shoelace, etc.) In the end, he arrives at...your house! Here he stays, to help your family serve one another. One person begins by doing a service for someone else and leaving Gracious George "at the scene" of the service. When the service recipient finds Gracious George, he then does something for someone else, leaving Gracious George for the next recipient to find. And the good deeds continue on!

On George's back is a little pocket, with the following poem tucked inside:
I'm Gracious George, the Gingerbread Man! You and I should make a plan. We'll do something kind, so no one will see, and then see just how happy they will be!

You can include a space to mark Xs each time someone does a service, or you can leave it plain. You can have a separate chart to keep track, or you can just let Gracious George secretly travel from person to person. The details are up to you!


nikki said...

this is a really cute idea. i can't believe all your work on this blog! well, i take that back: i definitely can believe it. hope you're doing well--thanks for all these great ideas.

Zebra Pinata said...

Gracious George was from a Bright Impressions Family Home Evenings Volume 1 book by Sabina H. Bigelow and Sabina Susan Bytheway.

The Wilsons said...

Thank you for the info--I couldn't track it down!