Thursday, January 21, 2010

Homemade Stickers - Lick 'n' Stick

Remember lick 'n' stick stickers? I think they're less common these days! Here's a fun way to make some tasty ones of your own. You can use pictures from magazines, computer printouts, your kids' own creative! To make them stick, mix the following:

1 tsp. gelatin (any flavor)
2 tsp. boiling water

Stir until gelatin dissolves and let cool for just a minute or so. While still warm, paint mixture onto the back of your "stickers" - use a paintbrush, a cotton swab, your fingers...whatever!

If you're doing a large sheet, it's easier to just coat the whole sheet and then cut apart afterward...

Let dry. Cut apart, if still needed. Lick, and then stick!

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nikki said...

fun idea--thanks, jen!